where did it all go wrong?

from by a thousand years from now

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sittin' home on sunday I got nothing to do
but sort through all the junk mail, pick the gum off my shoe
I got a headache from the problems between you and me
they've been pushin' us apart just like that dark energy
and what it leaves behind is just a cold empty space
that eerie silence that you hear well that's the coup de grace

when we first met it seemed the world was new to me
but now the mask is off and there's no mystery
don't take me out anymore, we just sit 'round and watch tv
and lord I know your m.o. when there's something that you need
heard all your tired jokes, you need some new recipes
cause I can see right through you just like a colonoscopy

I call you drugstore cowboy since I never see you straight
and you taught me all the best ways to self medicate
I need a drink to calm my nerves when you're out on the lam
but when you're home I take a big handful of alprayzolam
I wish I could think of a way to make a new start
but no matter what I say you've still got a hold of my heart
outside our house a little blue bird swaying on a wire
watches quietly as everything catches fire

where, where did it all go wrong?
you, you were the one
now, now where do I belong?
cause I don't, I' don't have a place left to run

you push me 'round like a toy and always tell me what to do
and even though I should know better, you know that I can't refuse
you're like a coked up Rick James who thinks I'm Teena Marie
and your'e like "b**** get in that booth and sing those hits for me!"
well it's a different world now, and I'm taking off the gloves
and I'll be kicking your a** like I'm Courtney f***ing Love!


from williamsville demos, released May 8, 2012
P. Merritt, C. Hudley, C. Kennedy



all rights reserved


a thousand years from now Williamsburg, Virginia

A singer/songwriter of questionable ability from Williamsburg, Virginia

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